Picture it — the sun is out, the summer morning air gently breezes by and shakes the leaves of the shade trees overhead. The sidewalk leads you through a friendly, funky neighborhood where families and urban professionals have lived for generations.


The Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver genuinely feels like a classic, old-school residential neighborhood that’s gone through various iterations of development over time. Established in 1858, it’s an original North Denver neighborhood built around the same time as Berkeley Lake, Potter Highlands, Sloan’s Lake and West Highlands. Sunnyside’s shady streets, old-growth trees, eclectic housing styles and pioneering retail options make it a genuinely liveable (and liveably genuine) place to be. 


My 38th street house rehab project is located in Sunnyside, and I bought the residence seeing the potential to extend the usable space of a property in this increasingly popular neighborhood. We’ve completed the interior of the original home and are now building out the rear addition. I can’t wait to show you the new bathroom space that promises to be a true bathroom oasis.” 


Walking around the block at the 38th Street renovation site

One of the first things you might notice in the neighborhood is how the housing stock includes 100 year old Queen Anne style homes, modest bungalows, and more.   


In addition to the old-growth trees, I also enjoy the neighborhood flora in summer. You’ll see many sunflowers and bushes of trumpet vine along fence lines. Also known as Campsis radicans, trumpet vine attracts pollinating insects and hummingbirds. Very cool. 


Simple suburban landscapes and lovely potted flower treatments brighten front and back yards. While it’s a relatively quiet neighborhood, there’s a lot going on here — renovations, family gatherings, and the general buzz of activity amidst a major city like Denver. This area has easy access to major thoroughfares, so it feels close to practically anything the city has to offer. 


Off the block, just around the corner

I’ve written before about the nifty retail shops near the house. Within close walking distance, these include a breakfast joint known as The Universal, and a local-food focused grocery store Leever’s Locavore, a flower shop called Diz’s Daisys and more. 


Farther afield in the neighborhood are a slew of original restaurants, breweries, and wineries. You’ll also spot lots of liquor stores, dispensaries, coffee shops, and mexcian restaurants. 


There’s also the 1920’s-era building known as The Federal Theatre (no longer a theater), which exhibits a bit of old-world architectural interest. 


Most of us in Colorado cherish our outdoor time, and sunnyside sports several major parks serving up ample communal green space. 


It’s a unique vibe, for sure. This neighborhood’s agot personality and originality.  Plus, there’s a strong sense of community here, and residents seem to love it. I’ve certainly enjoyed working here this year.