If you are a book lover, bookish design by a Denver interior designer can feature your love for reading. You can incorporate your love of books in many different spaces. Here are the best ideas for showing off your love for books in your home.

Best Bookish Design Ideas

Your love for books can be showcased in more ways than a standard bookcase. Let these ideas inspire you! Be sure to check with an interior designer for how to incorporate these ideas in your own living space.

Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelving is a wonderful way to house your books and showcase your favorite titles. In addition, it can enhance a living room, office or bedroom. And if you shelve your books according to color, you’ll spice up your room even more.

Freestanding Shelves

You can mount freestanding shelves on any wall of your home for a clean, modern display of books. In the kitchen, you can use a freestanding shelf for classic cookbooks. Along with this, mount shelves in your bedroom, office and living room for small displays of your favorite books. With this idea, each shelf can be a mini showcase of interesting titles. Also, don’t forget to place properly weighted bookends on either side of the book stack to prevent toppling.

Bookish Headboard

A custom headboard that holds books is both practical and beautiful. Look for headboards with two or three shelves that are deep enough to hold books without falling out. Combine this look with freestanding shelves for a bookish bedroom.

Book-Themed Prints

A bookish print for an upholstered chair or ottoman is perfect for a reading nook. Consider book-themed prints for pillow covers on your couch or bed. Window treatments with literary prints can liven up a bookish-designed room.

Upcycled Table

Scour used bookstores and garage sales for low-priced or free books. Then stack them together for a whimsical side table. Top with a glass circle and you have a low-cost, functional piece of bookish furniture.

Interesting Sideboard

You can also stack old books into the shape of a sideboard. By securing the books with hot glue, your sideboard will be sturdier. Use reclaimed wood atop your stack of books for a bold and contemporary bookish statement.

Book Cover Posters

Make a strong statement with a large poster of a famous book. You can also coordinate the color of the poster with the color scheme in the desired room. Classic book covers have clean graphic designs, and this can enhance your modern styled home.

Bookish Design by an Interior Designer in Denver

Ready to get started with bookish design by an interior designer in Denver? Give us a call today and we will help your home make the bookish statement you desire.