To bring warmth and coziness to your Denver interior design, you can apply hygge concepts. “Hygge” is a Scandinavian term without a direct English translation, pronounced HOO-guh. The main idea behind this way of life is creating well-being and warmth. It encourages connection with others through shared meals. It also celebrates cozy shelters, time to read, and reveling in simplicity. Hygge elevates ordinary rituals to a glorious state.

To incorporate hygge principles in design, you must focus on feelings of coziness in every room. For a balanced feeling, this often means light and simple touches with natural materials. Hygge concepts rely on light, since they help ward off the long, dark days of northern winters.

Applying Hygge to Your Home

You can apply the basic principles of hygge in interior design in these creative ways.


Hygge lighting favors a soft, natural look. Capitalize on any natural light by using white paint to reflect the light. Candlelight, fairy lights, and strings of light help create a cozy feeling.


It’s important to use white or cream as the major color in your hygge scheme. Accent with neutrals or cool colors to capture the Nordic vibe. For example, you can place a white or neutral couch in your sitting room and accent with blue, teal and green pillows in different soft textures.


Soft fabrics are a must in hygge decor. Use thick, woven blankets with fuzzy textures to create a comforting feel. Pillows, upholstery and window treatments can also emphasize the warm feeling. Contrast textures and patterns for interest.

Natural Materials

The hygge principles work best when you use natural materials. Wood that retains its natural color is a nice touch. You can also use stone and granite in neutral colors. Use manmade materials sparingly to keep the warm feeling flowing through your home.

De-emphasize Electronics

One important aspect of hygge is a focus on personal connections. You need to emphasize community and de-emphasize electronics. Consider storing your television in a cabinet so it does not dominate the room. Also, choose other electronics with a white or neutral finish to complement the rest of the decor.

Cozy Kitchen

The kitchen is a key area for promoting hygge principles. Create a gathering space around a bar or table where people can connect. Fill the kitchen with mugs for warm drinks and lots of earthenware for entertaining. Make the kitchen a focal point in your home, since everyone loves to gather there.

Clean and Simple

For your home to feel like a hygge haven, you need to make sure it’s uncluttered. By designing open spaces where clutter is less likely to pile up, you’ll create a sense of peace. Contain clutter in natural baskets and boxes that blend well with the overall look.

Keep Things Fresh

As the seasons change, bring nature inside your home. Fresh flowers in vases throughout the house bring smiles to everyone’s faces. You can also use essential oil diffusers and soy candles to promote fresh scents in every room. Green houseplants complete the fresh hygge look.

Need inspiration for applying hygge principles to your interior design in Denver? Give us a call today and we will help your home feel cozier and more inviting.