Everyone knows that Colorado has some amazing views. You can capitalize on these natural views with a window wall. But where are the best placements in your home for these windows? An interior designer in Colorado can help you decide. These are the top placements to consider when you want to build or remodel.

Living Room Windows

Since people love to gather in living rooms, they can be ideal places for a wall of windows. These types of windows can make your living room stand out as a place to entertain your friends and family. They can enjoy beautiful mountain views along with great conversation and food, making for a memorable visit.

When planning a window wall for your living room, it’s important to consult with an interior designer. Your designer will know which style of windows will fit your taste and hold up to Colorado winters. Also, your designer will work with electrical engineers and HVAC contractors to ensure the wall meets code requirements. When you work with a designer, you will have a gorgeous wall of windows that still adds functionality and comfort to your home.

Dining Room Windows

If you love to entertain, your dining room is an excellent placement spot for a window wall. The natural light will brighten up your table during the day, and glittering evening lights will enchant your guests at night. Placement is important in a dining room so you still have plenty of space for seating and serving.

Consult with an interior designer when considering how to place a wall of windows in your dining room. Your designer will know how to incorporate windows into the room’s design while enhancing the main table, sideboards and other furniture. A talented designer will also know which plants, artwork, textiles, and decor will look best in a dining room with a window wall.

Kitchen Window Wall

Many contemporary kitchen designs are featuring more windows to make the most of natural light. By using a wall of windows in your kitchen, you will make a bold and beautiful statement. Your designer can help you know where to place it for the best results.

Placement of the window wall is crucial in a kitchen. You don’t want to gain natural light at the expense of electrical outlets, counter space, and cabinet storage. Your interior designer will know the best way to place the windows while retaining all the essential elements a kitchen needs. With a designer’s help, you will have a cohesive and functional kitchen design that wows your guests.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Window Wall

If you are ready to install a window wall, it’s vital that you place it correctly to have the best design and use. An interior designer in Colorado can meet with you to learn exactly what you need. Your designer will note your plans for using the room, your aesthetic preferences and your budget while helping you make a decision. Call us today for a personal appointment. We will help you determine the best possible window wall placement for your home.