When rethinking your decor, are you feeling overwhelmed and challenged? Consider hiring an interior designer in Colorado. Your interior design consultant can help reduce your frustration and achieve the designs you dream about. These are the four most common challenges for interior home design, and how you can overcome them with a designer’s help.

Finding the Right Balance

You may watch home decorating shows or curate a Pinterest board full of design ideas. However, when you bring the piece that looked so good on television or online home, it looks terrible in your space! Why does this challenge happen so often to so many people?

The challenge is finding the right pieces for your particular space, then creating an ideal balance between the pieces for a cohesive design. An interior designer in Colorado is trained to know what shapes, textures and lighting look right together. By trusting your rooms to an interior designer, you’ll end up with a much more pleasing result. You’ll also save yourself hours of frustration.

Making the Most of Your Budget

It’s common for people to set a budget for a redesign, yet spend far more than they intended. An interior designer is skilled at sticking to whatever budget you set. She knows the going prices for on-trend pieces and where to find the best deals. You will experience significant savings by working with a Colorado designer who is budget-conscious.

Maximizing the Lighting

Most people don’t have the know-how to determine the right amount of lighting for a particular space. Your interior designer knows exactly which types of light will create the feeling that you desire. She can help you add the right amount of lighting no matter which room you are in.

You may want lots of light in your kitchen and dining area, yet you want subdued light in your bedroom. You may not be sure about how much lighting you need in your walk-in closet, office or hallways. A Colorado interior designer can help you pick the best lighting fixtures to make the most out of your spaces.

Personalizing Your Style

All of us express ourselves in different ways. Some of us prefer the clean lines of a modern home. Others like a quirky look with many colors and textures. Still others enjoy classic designs with touches of on-trend pieces.

You may have struggled with combining the right pieces for your preferred style. Or you may want to update your look, but you’re not sure what is trending right now. Your interior designer can make note of your individual style and pick paint colors, textures and art that reflect you best. After interviewing you, she will know which design elements will capture the personality you want to convey.

Ready to conquer your design challenges with help from an interior designer in Colorado? Give us a call today. We will help you handle your challenges and produce designs that will amaze you.